Specialists in Cloud Migration & Cyber Resilience

Efficiently protected virtualized environments and Backup Solutions

Minimize your IT TCO and maximize IT ROI.

Backup & Archives

Our Data Protection with Backup as a Service (BaaS) Protects critical business data and applications in a security-rich environment. Ensure data and application resiliency across the enterprise with a robust range of onsite, offsite, and hybrid cloud-based data protection solutions.

Hardware & Software Resale

We offer specialised IT hardware and software re-sales including small project services for private and public companies. We are always available to provide servers, networking services, computer software; accessories and more

Cyber Resilience and Recovery

Let e-Olebak help you mitigate the impact of cyber disruption with a reliable and trusted approach to rapidly recover your business & IT after a cyber-attack. In the event of a destructive attack, you could face data corruption or data loss. e-Olebak recovery team can help you protect and/or recover your business-critical data in significantly reduced recovery time.

Cloud Migration

Cloud providers themselves (such as Azure, AWS and Google) all offer tools and services to help migrate your workloads and applications. However, many businesses who lack the technical skills prefer to enlist the help from IT partners like us.

Accelerating client IT Modernisation for the 21st Century technologies

Industry expertise

Disaster Recovery consultants helping you pinpoint business-critical applications and their associated risks.

distaster recovery plan

End to end Business Continuity Plan, DR Infrastructure and Software Provision, DR Implementation and Management and Annual DR Testing and drills

About e-olebak

We are a company that focuses on building solutions that are needed in the 21st Century. As a small-medium enterprise, our solutions and decisions are customizable based on each client need, budget and timelines accurately delivering business objectives

Our services are relevant and we employ vibrant, intelligent and focused young people in deploying our solutions led by experienced leaders to plan, deploy and manage all the projects

We prevent attacks to your company & business data.
We can help you safeguard business-critical applications and data before they are exploited, using air-gapped data protection and immutable storage technologies from Dell, IBM and other reputable BPs
Benefits of moving to Cloud
Cloud platforms offer Infrastructure savings compared to on-premise solutions with fewer downtimes and more efficient IT infrastructure. You can deploy changes and updates faster than traditional onsite infrastructure

e-Olebak provide cyber recovery & disaster recovery (DR) solutions

Cloud Migration Services

to help the clients move their workload from Capex based on-premise solution to any public cloud providers, i.e. AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and much more.

Backup and Archive

We assist the client to modernize their backup environment by moving from error-prone legacy tape to modern error-free disk backup solutions including long term retention of the backup.

Cyber Resilience

Minimize the impact of cyber-attacks by providing well tested, industry-standard ISO22301 solutions to manage a cyber-attack or data breach while you continue to operate your business effectively.

Data Analytics

We provide data management and analytical solutions to allow organizations to derive valuable business insights from their data to improve decision making and give your business an edge over competitors

Hardware and Software Resale

e-Olebak provide a complete range of IT products and are able to meet your every need. We are a one-stop-supplier with all the latest technology, we have direct agreements with local distributors.

Hardware Supply

We provide high quality , IT components from leading supplier, i.e. Cisco, HP, Apple, Lenovo.

Software Supply

Professional software solutions tailored to your businesses' needs and requirements

Fast Delivery

We offer very short delivery times (one-day ) deliveries for in-stock or individual items

Great warranty

Our products and hardware come with a miminum of 3year manufacturer warranty

Other Services

Identify, understand & respond to attacks faster.

Our Consultants are well prepared and ready to assist you with solving critical infrastructure issues and provide industry solutions 




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Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.

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